Chapter History

The American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA) is the largest non-profit, professional association serving massage therapists, massage students and massage schools, with more than 70,000 members.

AMTA provides our members with the strongest benefits in the profession. We promote massage to the public, the health care community and other important groups. We work for fair licensing of massage in all states, and actively support research. Your voice is heard in AMTA as we are governed by massage therapists. And, we provide a wealth of local and national networking and continuing education opportunities.

Mission Statement

To serve AMTA members while advancing the art, science and practice of massage therapy.

Core Values

  • We are a diverse and nurturing community working with integrity, honesty and dignity.
  • We are a nonprofit member-driven organization of ethical professionals.
  • We embrace excellence in education, service and leadership.
  • We endorse professional standards and support fair regulation of massage therapy.
  • We believe that massage benefits all.

About Our NC Chapter

Dear North Carolina Licensed Massage Therapists, Massage Students, Massage Instructors & Massage Schools;

Please allow AMTA-NC to introduce ourselves to you.  We are a volunteer based Professional organization that was established in North Carolina in 1984.  Our mission and goal as an organization is “to serve AMTA members while advancing the art, science and practice of massage therapy.” North Carolina’s eight founding members (Rick Rosen, Dwight Jessup, Stacy Autry, Molly Urquhart, Fred Stephens, Mabel Huggins, Sahni Hamilton and Gail Williams) recognized the need and benefit of gathering talents together to move the massage profession forward in North Carolina, while educating the citizens of the state on the benefits of ethical & therapeutic massage therapy gaining positive recognition for massage’s health and wellness benefits.

The National AMTA has had a long standing tradition of maintaining high requirements for membership; inclusive of minimum hours of training & annual minimum hours of continuing education. In 2000, AMTA-NC had an impact on achieving licensing in the state by implementing & mirroring the same high standard of AMTA membership for the entire state of North Carolina. The intent was to gain some professional respect & attention for the profession and setting a standard of care within the state.

AMTA-NC is a truly unique chapter in that we have over 1700 members; comprised of dynamic, enthusiastic, passionate about the profession, truly devoted to seeing everyone succeed, helping each other achieve our goals & dreams and we want others to join in on the party. The biggest reason people don’t succeed in the Massage Therapy profession is that they burn out. The AMTA-NC realizes that only about 20% of the population are receiving massages, that leaves 80% to be reached. The market is still OPEN, so everyone should be successful. Why are MT’s burning out? Because they lack the support necessary for a very emotionally & physically demanding job.  That is why AMTA-NC is so special. This kind of camaraderie cannot be found just ‘anywhere’, it is almost a familial bond.  As with any family there are disagreements and trials but those are the moments that keep the profession moving forward; the inspirational ideas, ingenuity, and creative juices flowing, NOT settling for the ordinary, mundane or autonomous uninvolved, easy way out.

You might be asking ‘how are we able to achieve this as an organization?”  North Carolina is a good sized state and our lay out is from East to West and distance can be an issue. But we have 6 local sub chapters, called Units that provide local continuing education opportunities. The National AMTA has been providing high quality and challenging continuing education opportunities for years.  The state chapter has enhanced that by bringing CE close to home through our State conferences and conventions and the local units.  In addition, the Unit meetings allow for that time for ‘get together’.  Meet and greet those therapists around you.  Learn, listen, share, grow, gain support & encouragement. AMTA-NC strives to lift our members up through encouragement, emotional support & financial support through scholarships/grants (Debbie Long Memorial Scholarship). We truly are a chapter that cares about the profession & the professional.!!  We have mentoring programs, which matches a veteran LMBT with a therapist  wanting & requesting some assistance; We have a brand new Sports massage team; SWAT.

As first mentioned, we are a membership body made up of volunteers; other members. “Members serving members”. If you are someone that is truly interested in making a difference in the massage profession in North Carolina, we have a place for you.  Everyone is gifted with multiple talents.  Join the party; share & strengthen your talents.  Help us advance the art, science & practice of massage therapy in the great state of North Carolina.

Avenues in which to serve:

  • Board of Directors
    • Secretary: note takers
    • Treasurer; someone good with numbers accounting
    • 1st/2nd/3rd presidents; anyone with organizational & delegation skills
    • President; someone with leadership abilities
  • Unit Coordinators
    • Someone willing to organize trainings in a central location for the unit area
    • Choose educational subject/instructors
    • Choose location
    • Chapter will help with providing necessary information & mailings
  • Ambassadors:
    • Someone willing to make phone calls to members to keep them up to date on the chapter news. The more people we have the less people the Ambassadors have to call.
  • School Liasons:
    • Someone willing to return to their school of education (within NC) & share the benefits you have realized from being an AMTA member.
  • Newsletter Editor:
    • Anyone with some journalism or set up printing experience
    • Anyone with an eagle eye for typos.
  • Web page assistance
    • Anyone with some web page knowledge to assist our web master with timely updating & formatting.
  • SWAT: Sports Wellness Activity Team
    • Anyone licensed in the state of NC, AMTA member, wanting to volunteer &/0r paid opportunity at sporting/health/wellness activity events.
  • Quality Instructors:
    • Always looking for instructors with something new or an encouraging technique to share, or new ways of viewing something old & known.
  • Schools of High Integrity & Professional Standards;
    • AMTA-NC wants to team up with the NC Massage Therapy Schools to grow the profession as a whole.
  • Individuals:
    • AMTA-NC wants to reach and share with people who might be considering the massage profession. We want to share the wonderful benefits of the profession and membership.
    • AMTA-NC wants to reach out to NC LMBT’s that might be getting their liability insurance somewhere else but not the emotional support they might be requiring.

Please contact us for more information or if we can be of assistance to you in any way.


The Members of AMTA-NC.