Mommy & Me Manual Lymph Drainage | Lisa DiFalco | 7 CE | Waxhaw, NC | (Part of Certification Series)

August 9, 2019 @ 9:00 am – 4:30 pm
Jackson Volunteer Fire Department
8323 Lancaster Hwy; Waxhaw NC 28173
Lisa Castellano

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Manual Lymph Drainage Certification Series ($1300 Value)

Total Cost for Four Certification Classes:
AMTA Member rate: $435
Non-AMTA Member rate: $725
Presenter: ​ ​Lisa ​DiFalco: ​ ​NCBTMB ​#450512-07

(NOTE:  You many take one single class without taking others but to receive Certification, you must take All 4 classes)

  1. Foundations of Manual Lymph Drainage: Lymph Tour USA | 8 CE | August 7
  2. Boca Lymphlift of the Face | 7 CE | August 8
  3. Mommy & Me Manual Lymph Drainage | 7 CE | August 9
  4. Manual Lymph Drainage: Sports Clinical Practicum | 7 CE | August 10


Advanced Manual Lymph Drainage Class

(NOTE Prerequisite: Must take all above 4 MLD Certification Series CE Classes to take this class)

  1. Advanced European Manual Lymph Drainage Bandaging | 7 CE | August 11



REGISTRATION:      8:30 am
CLASS TIME:             9:00 am – 4:30 pm


This course begins with exploration of the deep lymph system and the effects of pregnancy. You will learn, understand and receive answers to common questions:

1. Why do legs and feet swell during pregnancy?
2. Does edema have any impact on the veins?
3. What does the lymph system have to do with stretch marks?
4. Why do I have a “kangaroo pouch” about my C-section scar?
5. Why do children heal more quickly than adults?
6. What can I do to ensure my child is lymphatically healthy?

Learn how MLD can benefit mother-to-be:

*Early family planning stages
*Maintain her health through the pregnancy
*Post-delivery benefits to both mother and child.

Proper positioning for delivery of the hands-on protocol taught in lab is not only useful for pregnancy but for clients with special needs, recent surgeries or are extremely fragile.

After delivery, the focus is on early childhood development of the lymph system and the foundational building blocks for a life of good health. Discover what lymphangiomotorical challenges there are for today’s children and how lymphatic research is creating a societal shift toward wellness and what we hope will be a “new normal.”

Research from the Touch Research Institute and documentation utilized at LTS Clinic Ft. Lauderdale are covered for practice building within the medical community.

What to Bring:
Table, Face Cradle, Linens, loose fitting clothes, hand sanitizer, towel, sweater, shorts, tank top, long pillow



AMTA Member:  $105

Non AMTA Member:  $175


Presenter: Lisa DiFalco: NCBTMB #450512-07