Chapter Officers

Have you wondered how conventions, training, and education happen in the American Massage Therapy Associations? It is the result of the efforts of volunteers. Volunteers just like you! These individuals use their time, talent and passion for massage to make changes in NC Massage industry. We do this:

  • by proposing changes in the massage practice act
  • by organizing and holding events (conventions, unit meetings, volunteer events) that promote positive and healthy aspects of massage therapy
  • by Mentoring each other by providing continuing education to members and non-members
  • and by promoting research in massage

It takes lots of hands and talent to run an organization for nearly 2,000 members. We welcome you to help join our efforts and you will benefit from our combined efforts. You will find many friends here with wisdom. This will give you a chance to network with a diverse collective of individuals. It will help you grow as a massage therapist with advanced training, research and ideas. Volunteering is the best way to make a difference in massage therapy.

Are you ready?

Here begins our story.


Kim Moore

Board Members

Larry Ball


Sandra York

Financial Administrator

Melissa Smith


Deborah Wade