Chapter Board


Matthew Fecteau

Matt first obtained his Psychology degree from the University of Maine while also following a pre-med track. He worked a couple years as a social worker in ME prior to entering graduate school, at University of Maine, to study Neuroscience. It was in graduate school he would meet his future wife and later follow her to NC. Following a year of research at UNC-Chapel Hill, Matt worked at the Center for Cognitive Neuroscience at Duke University for 10 years specializing in psychophysiological recording methods.

During those final years at Duke, Matt began to miss his initial passion of working directly with people in a more clinical capacity and began to consider a new career path. While training for a marathon, he struck up a conversation with his massage therapist and the seed was planted. He graduated from Body Therapy Institute in 2014 and soon after started his massage practice with a desire to focus on rehabilitation and sports massage.

Matt has always appreciated the mission and goals of the AMTA and has been a member since 2013. He looks forward to representing not only the organization and the profession, but wants to specifically ensure NC chapter members have a voice at the national level and that NC’s unique needs are addressed.


Deborah Wade

Deborah joined AMTA as a student over 10 years ago; it was important to me to advocate for our profession and give back to the community. It was Ghandi that said, “Be that change, that you want to see in the world.” That is why, I invest my time to promote our profession.

Deborah has been a volunteer for the AMTA NC Chapter for over 6 years; over this time, she has helped with various committees: Ambassador Program, Schools, and was a NC Delegate for the House of Delegates.

Currently, in addition to her new role of Secretary: she also is the Emergency Coordinator for the, newly formed CSMT (Community Service Massage Team).

“I look forward to serving as Secretary, for the next 2 years. Please let our team know, how we can best serve you.” Together, we can make a difference.

Financial Admin.

Mandy Hatch

Board Members

Johnnie Stone

Sandra York

Sandra joined AMTA as a student in 2005 and started out as an AMTA-NC volunteer in 2010 as the Membership Chair.  She then added the role of Unit Administrator a couple years later. Sandra now serves as an AMTA-NC Board Member and the AMTA-NC Newsletter Editor.

Sandra has been the owner of a small spa since 2007.  In her spare time away from her profession and volunteering, she enjoys the outdoors as often as she can and is an avid hiker. She enjoys taking her boxer-mix dog, Wyatt, with her on her adventures.

As an AMTA-NC volunteer, she strives to provide AMTA members in North Carolina with the best service that she can!